Starfish Gala

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Starfish Gala  Saturday October 17th 2015

Eight swimmers attended the inter club gala between Starfish and the Eels at Maidenhead on Saturday evening, this is the third year we have attended this gala. Our swimmers swam brilliantly, showing lovely strokes and good sportsman ship. Most heats that we were in had three Starfish swimmers and three Eels swimmers. There were medals for the first three places, and we came home with a 15 medals in total, 6 gold, 2 sliver, and 7 bronze. Well done Eels, I felt really proud of our team, they all looked the part in the Club swimsuits, hats and t bags, and the atmosphere was great from the parents, thank you for your support.

Our next Gala is Hatfield on 31st of this month.