READING GALA weekend of June 24th & 25th 2017

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As far as we know the Gala at Reading at the weekend was the last one in the Central pool, as the pool is due to be demolished at the end of the year.  In the 33 years I have been a swimming coach there has always been this Gala, so it was a sad day yesterday in that respect.

The 10 swimmers really did us proud this time again, in fact all clubs standards have risen since the start of these Galas, this was mentioned by the Chief Judge. So really positive. This was our local gala and a chance for our non swimmers to compete.

We came away with 6 gold medals from, Marcus, Anna, Alessandra, Lizzie, George, and Zac so really well done all of you. Of course there are lots of faster swimmers and the competition gets harder as swimmers progress, so although lots of our swimmers came away with place ribbons they still swam really well. We had lots of personal best times and this is the important thing.

I was so excited that our relay team of Vivian, Kate, Alessandra and Lizzie came away with a silver medal after swimming against the Reading Cygnets A team,  some of whom are in the G.B team. Three teams in this race were disqualified. So well done girls for not getting disqualified.

I will be running a in house gala in Windsor, before the end of this season, where everyone who turns up will be in it. So everyone will get a chance to compete.

Well done coaches and volunteers for all of your teaching.