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Terms and Conditions

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As you will see, we are a competitive swimming club which means that we expect our swimmers to be able to compete in galas as soon as they are able to do so (usually once they can swim 25m). They would then be expected to attend at least half the galas for which they were eligible.

Until that level is achieved, our Director of Swimming will provide every opportunity for our members to learn to swim and will introduce members to new strokes (back, breast and butterfly) when it becomes appropriate. We aim to provide swimmers with every opportunity to succeed whatever level they reach. We are an associate member of Special Olympics so that all swimmers, regardless of their level, will have an opportunity to win medals within their ability band. All swimmers with Down Syndrome are eligible to swim in Disability Galas. There is also a National Gala for people with Down Syndrome, in Reading each year, from which the national team are selected. The national GB team have competed in many places around around the world.

Part of our commitment to Special Olympics means that we expect swimmers to attend training at least 26 weeks of the year. We know that family commitments do occur but we want the swimmers to look on the club as a social group of friends which is particularly valuable if the school which they attend cannot provide regular social contacts for them. Sue Buckley from DownsEd particularly recommends this type of social interaction.

COSTS; Annual membership is £50 p.a. plus a termly fee (currently £40.00) which contributes towards insurance, provision of a lifeguard, membership fees to Swim England and Special Olympics and any equipment swimmers may need. Once a swimmer can swim 25metres, we would expect that they will have their own personal equipment e.g. float and flippers. No members of our committee or volunteers are paid. All money goes directly to the club.

In case of hardship, please contact a member of the committee.

Our AGM will be held in June each year.

Our committee

Chair: Dominic Trotman

Secretary: Cathy Salter

Treasurer: Ezra Khan

Director of Swimming: Pauline Walker

Welfare Officer:Sara Liddell

Volunteer Co­ordinator: Caroline Edwards

Membership Secretary: Martin Harris

Publicity Officer: Laura Hill

All data collected on this membership form will be kept securely by Club personnel and medical/disability information will be provided to teachers/coaches on a need to know basis. If at any time any of the details you have provided change please contact the membership secretary.
All policies relating to constitution, child protection, data protection, health and safety are available to view on our website, If you have any concerns, please address these to any member of the committee.