George’s Dad is raising money for the Electric Eels. Find out how you can support him…

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We always love it when families fundraise for our programme. Thank you Harry Harris for sharing your story and giving back to Electric Eels!

I’m raising money for the electric eels swimming club! At my own expense I’ve purchased a wing-walking session for myself. What this entails is being strapped to the top of a light aircraft which then flies around doing loop the loops and that. Pretty scary right? That’s the kind of sacrifice I’m willing to make for this amazing cause.

The electric eels is a synchro and swimming club for children and young adults with downs sydrome. The kids are taught in a wonderful, friendly safe environment how to swim and are coached to a high standard to enable them to compete in galas across the UK and abroad. Your donations will help towards the cost of training volunteers, transport and registration for events, swimming costumes and equipment etc.

Now this wing walk, I’ve paid for it already, so any money you generously donate, every penny will go to the charity guaranteed. I’ll book it for the next free weekend after I’ve reached my target, you can all come and watch and I’ll post the video on my facebook when its done. They’ve got a maximum weight limit which is about what weighed last time I got weighed and I’ve ate quite a lot of food since then so I might have to do that thing boxers to before the weigh in and get all dehyrdated or whatever.

Come on now, if everyone on my friendlist donates just a fiver I’ll smash the back doors off my target and you’ll be watching me risk life and limb sooner that you’ve ever dreamed! Plus the voucher expires within a year so get your moneys out, cheers!