Electric Eels Synchro Swimmers at the synchro camp in Alicante

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On Tuesday May 9th  seven Synchro Swimmers from the Electric Eels and parents left Gatwick Airport for Alicante in Spain. This was to go to the second synchro camp for people with Down’s Syndrome. We joined with 10 Italian young people and a Spanish girl for what was to be a really busy week of synchro training, both in the water and on the land. We found it really tiring but very useful, every one has improved their synchro for going to this camp. It was interesting to watch the groups communicate even though the language was different. We worked all together and at the end of the week a show was put on for the parents of the Spanish Synchro club, plus our parents.
The weather was beautiful, and we had a visit to the old castle, beach and the town of Alicante. The Synchro swimmers were,  Lizzie, Vivian, Henry, Molly, Grace, Zara, & Skye. This camp was very well run by the Spanish federation. Thank you to them all.